Today’s celebriti blog goes to Audrey, a Manager based in Protiviti’s San Francisco office.  Audrey provided the following update when she returned from a recent trip to Asia.  Thanks for making us all very impressed, Audrey… and a little jealous also!

….After assisting with the development and rollout of the new Senior Challenge training school in the United States, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to help roll out the Senior Challenges to our Asia offices in Shanghai. It was fantastic! I was a part of two separate training sessions with participants from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore.

It was great to see the Protiviti spirit played out in a different culture and location.  I met some amazing colleagues and bonded while working through the Protiviti methodology and belting out songs at karaoke. (Aha Moment: I am awful at karaoke. Very, very awful.) Since I was over there during the holiday season, I was able to take some time and go to both Beijing and Xian in China, two of the most visited tourist spots in China. Even though it was around 20 degrees when I visited Beijing, I could not miss a visit to the Great Wall (below) – a six mile trek across one of the most insane landmarks in the world is a great way to celebrate the New Year (and work off the truckloads of dumplings I was eating). In Xian we visited the Terra Cotta Warriors (above), which is one of those landmarks that is impressive to read about and even more impressive to see. Read up about the warriors if you haven’t already! It’s so incredible to think that there could be MILES more of these guys yet unearthed all made / buried for the first emperor of China.

Between pricing tool exercises and bowling competitions, I kept thinking one thing: I really need to see more of Asia. The colleagues I met were so inspirational regarding their home countries / cities and really drove a new passion in me for discovering more of the East. I tried to make it to Hong Kong during my stay there, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Luckily, I have few people on record saying that they will be my personal tour guides *when* I make it back, and I’m holding them to it (whether they like it or not). Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Korea are all on my travel list now, too, which means I need to start saving my money…or getting staffed to more international clients!

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