In the spirit of the week – and to brighten up an otherwise cloudy, dismal Monday – I thought through some of the things about my job that make me thankful.

Top 10 Reasons I Am Thankful To Be A Campus Recruiter

10) I get to work with team members – see above – who are as obsessed with campus recruiting as I am.

9) I can learn all about the quirks and idiosyncrasies of our core campuses (like the legend of the Four Horsemen or the meaning behind the term “Gig ‘em”).

8) I can meet and build friendships with Protiviti professionals from all over the world.

7) It is always a great ego boost every September when I get mistaken for a student at a career fair.

6) Similarly, it is always fun to watch alumni feel young again as they travel back to their alma maters and relive their glory days.

5) I get to root for several schools at once without it being a conflict of interest – and someone is always bound to win.

4) I can be involved with awesome office initiatives like the CommUnity Scholarship Fund by providing recruiting materials and co-hosting a mock interview event with our interns.

3) What other job would enable me to travel the Midwest in search of the finest culinary delights that college towns have to offer? (By the way, this is really no contest – the Murphy’s mega burger in Champaign, IL is the clear victor here).

2) Not only is it OK for me to Facebook at work, it is expected – per the Protiviti page, which you can join here.

1) I get to hang out with the best students from around the country – see below – and celebrate their successes as they kick off their careers.

— Bridget

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