As part of National Intern School, our students spend an evening regressing back to childhood in the game room at Dave & Buster’s. Normally, due to all the Type A personalities amongst our intern class, this turns into a competition to collect the most tickets from various games…

… and then to turn those tickets into team mascots, which can be flaunted for the remainder of the week, as members of the Blue Team demonstrate below.

But what happens to the mascots once the training is over and the teams have dispersed? I wondered exactly that as I packed up my car this year with what seemed like 8,000 blue teddy bears (and a psychedelic dragon) and headed back to the Chicago office.

Well, I am happy to report that the animals have once again found a home. Through a Protiviti connection, they will be making their way to a small village in Africa as part of the Kolunga Village Foundation.

Hopefully the children there will enjoy their new toys as much as our interns enjoyed winning them!

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