As the nation celebrates Black History Month, we too are honoring the heritage, experience, and importance Black voices bring to us personally and professionally at Protiviti. A commitment to diversity and the value of inclusion is at the heart of the way we do work, so today, we’re thrilled to share the story of Champaigne, a Senior Recruiter in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space. 


“I actually showed up to my Protiviti interview with DE&I stats with me because that’s important to me.” It wasn’t something she was asked to bring, or something necessarily expected – it’s just who she is. Champaigne is always looking at how diversity impacts the spaces she’s in. “It’s always in the back of my mind. If I’m going to be somewhere, whether it’s where I live, or the work that I do, it needs to be diverse.”

Being one of seven kids, Champaigne is the first and only person in her family with a degree, which ignited her passion for educating others on the opportunities out there. “In my immediate family, there was not anyone that could guide me specifically on the college experience or working in Corporate. I come from a wonderful family of entrepreneurs, which is a great thing, but I knew my path would be different. This is why I am passionate about sharing my experience with others to help them however I can.” Representation is at the heart of Champaigne’s work, and when she thinks about her reasons, it all comes back to setting a good example. She wants other young women and kids of color to see someone doing things in the workplace that they didn’t know were possible.

“I think it’s important to recognize that everyone has something uniquely special about themselves, and we need to be able to celebrate those differences in a way that uplifts them instead of diminishing them,” she shares. To Champaigne, DEI is so much more than a factor in her job – it’s about understanding that certain groups have been marginalized and may need additional support beyond what everyone else has been given. Knowing these nuances and understanding the need to meet people where they are makes Champaigne a superstar at her job – she’s making huge strides for Protiviti as she lifts others and helps them reach their full potential. “It’s imperative that we create the space to make sure that people feel included in spaces, conversations, and that we give them the opportunity to share their stories and experiences to truly learn from each other,” says Champaigne as she talks about what DEI means through her lens.

“I often find myself thinking how grateful I am to have a job that allows me to bring my authentic self to work. I feel that I hold space at this company, and I do not take that for granted.”

Through her recruiting efforts, partnerships with organizations across the country, and her involvement within Protiviti, Champaigne is committed to her craft and always on the go. “Protiviti has allowed me to work in so many different spaces,” she shares. “I feel that I wear many hats and each one I appreciate differently.” Whether she’s attending career fairs, conferences, or collaborative discussions in house, Champaigne’s background and experiences build on our values and shape the future of Protiviti in the work she’s doing today.

“Having access to leadership has been pivotal for my role,” Champaigne shares as she talks about feeling supported in her role. “Knowing that people like our Executive Vice President of DEI or our Vice President of Talent Acquisition want to learn from me and help tackle challenges in the DEI space is so refreshing, especially at a large company.” Part of DEI is true allyship, and with Protiviti’s commitment to inclusion, that’s something we’re proud to promote here. Every voice matters, and diversity of thought is truly valued.

Our Employee Network Groups are a big part of diversity, equity, and inclusion here, so of course you know Champaigne is involved! She serves on our Black Employee Inclusion Network Group, or BEING, as Co-Lead for the Outreach pillar of the organization. “Working with BEING, I feel I can have a great impact inside the workplace with our employees, whereas in my day-to-day role I am very much focused on having an impact externally with our candidates,” she notes. “Protiviti allows me the time to take part in so many different conversations and opportunities that I did not even know were possible.”

Champaigne’s work is crucial to the mission we’re all working towards. Her efforts directly help us gain incredible talent every day, which leads to greater diversity of thought and enhanced opportunities to bring new ideas to the table. “I would tell someone to come work here if they are ready to do something different!” says Champaigne. Just like she has done so well, Champaigne encourages people to look into Protiviti if they want an exciting path with many opportunities and chances to dive into something new. “I wholeheartedly believe that Protiviti is a safe space to be and I have never had anyone make me feel otherwise. You never want to be the person looking from the outside in wondering what it would be like, so just take a chance and see what Protiviti can do for your future!”

“As a Black woman in Corporate America, it can be hard to find a workplace where you genuinely feel safe and that your ideas are heard. I come to work every day feeling inspired because I know I work for a company that stands behind their mission in DEI,” says Champaigne.

I am most proud of the efforts I have been making in finding diverse people to work at Protiviti. While some might think that the only job of a recruiter is to find the talent, I don’t believe this is where my job ends. I am constantly having conversations about retention, checking on the people I have hired and always trying to think of how I can contribute to making Protiviti a best place to work for Black people. I look forward to seeing what else is in store for Protiviti and the future of work for Black and African American people.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and valued experience with us, Champaigne!

To learn more about DE&I at Protiviti, you can read more here.

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