As is tradition, many people like to reflect, take stock, and set resolutions to kick off the New Year. It’s also a great time to re-center and focus on what’s important to you, whether it’s in your personal or your professional life!

Today, we’d love to do the same as an organization. Protiviti’s values, Promises to Our People, and Promises to Our Clients are at the heart of everything we do and at the start of 2022, we thought we’d take a moment to remind us all what is at the core of the work we do.

Our Values

The Protiviti name encapsulates what we value as an organization. Each of the three “i’s” in Protiviti represents the values that guide us each day. These values enable us to do work that delivers meaningful results, to nurture rewarding careers for our people, and to build deep relationships with each other and our diverse client base.

Our Promises

To help further guide us on our journey, Protiviti relies on our Promises to Our People and our Promises to Our Clients. These help shape our culture, lead careers, guide our work, and build relationships with our clients.

Social Responsibility

Our core values and promises don’t stop inside the walls of Protiviti offices! We strive to do the right thing in communities where we live and work. That’s why we have implemented programs like iCare and i on Hunger where we further our commitments to make the world a better place.

iCare is Protiviti’s community involvement program. We encourage our employees to participate in service activities globally and locally, whether that’s through volunteer opportunities, or our matching contribution program, Dollars for Doers.

i on Hunger is a program that has served over 12 million meals to people in need around the world since 2014. Our goal is not only to sustainably provide quality meals to the hungry, but to also identify and combat the root causes of hunger.

You can read more about our social responsibility initiatives here!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are cornerstones of who we are as a company. Inclusion is vital to our success as a company. Diversity of thought and a broad background of people, experiences, and journeys help us best serve our clients and problem solve in the real world.

If you frequent the blog, you know that DEI initiatives are a huge part of what we’re all about. Scroll through the Diversity & Inclusion hashtag on the blog, or click here to read more about what this means to us, and what it looks like in our work – a big part of that lies in our Employee Network Groups, which also have a hashtag on the blog!

We can’t wait to see where our people and our work take us in 2022. With these guideposts lighting the way, we know we can deliver confidence in a dynamic world.

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