Protiviti has been named as one of Seramount’s ​2021 “1​00 Best Companies” list and as one of its 2021 “Best Companies for Working Dads.” This is the fourth year that Protiviti has made the 100 Best Companies list (formerly titled Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies), which recognizes organizations that lead in areas of female representation and advancement, benefits, parental leave, childcare, and flextime.

This year’s Best Companies for Working Dads list highlights companies that are helping dads handle home and work responsibilities and stress during COVID-19. Protiviti was previously recognized on this list in 2020.

Our Commitment to Working Parents

“Protiviti strives to create and maintain an inclusive workplace for all our employees. We do this by listening to our people and providing a strong framework of support together with a deeply rooted culture of caring,” said Susan Haseley, an Executive Vice President of Protiviti and global leader of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. “The last year has been exceptionally challenging for working parents as they juggle family and business priorities while dealing with the effects of the pandemic. We are proud to be recognized for consistently providing our working moms and dads with the support they need to flourish and advance in the workplace.”

Protiviti supports our working parents through benefits including paid parental leave, flexible working, and sabbatical programs as well as our training and advisory programs, employee networking groups and mentoring. ​ 

Two of our honorees, Protiviti Associate Director, Chana Rubel, and Managing Director, Eric Portlock, will be celebrated as Protiviti’s working mother and working dad of the year at Seramount’s Best Companies virtual summit in October.

Blending Work, Family, and Faith

Chana Rubel, Protiviti Working Mother of the Year

Chana Rubel says life as a mother of seven children and working as an Associate Director at Protiviti is always busy – and she wouldn’t want it any other way. She leads the Parent Networking Group for Protiviti’s New York office, where she passes on – and receives — good advice.

“I am fortunate to have received many wonderful tips over the years from other professional mothers. One of the best was, ‘Look at work-life balance on a quarterly basis, not a daily one.’ Even if you can’t have dinner with your family every night, you can look back over the last three months and see that you were there for the important times – especially if you block out your calendar first!”

Chana, an Orthodox Jew, spends every Sabbath and holiday with her husband and children and working at Protiviti has allowed her to be flexible and prioritize her family’s important events.

“We cherish this time together since my family has my undivided attention, as we are required to completely unplug, which includes turning off my laptop and phone. I’ve also learned to delegate a lot of everyday household tasks, but I’m always there for the critical moments when no one can take the place of a ​mother.

“I’m truly grateful for all the encouragement and the support of my employer; I’m able to work in a profession I love and be a happier and better mom because of it. I am always present when I’m with my children and they know I will be there for them when they need me. Having a career has also meant that my children have learned to value the time they spend with me,” said Chana, adding, “Little do they know that I value this time even more.”

Read Chana’s Working Mother of the Year profile

Championing Children with Special Needs

Eric Potluck, Protiviti Working Father of the Year

Father of four, Eric Portlock, is a Managing Director in our Denver office, who specializes in Capital Projects and Contracts. Eric and his wife Michelle look at their life as parents of two children who have autism with amazement. They openly shares their experiences in order to help others at Protiviti and beyond.

Citing their children’s talents, such as his oldest daughter having the ability to read and memorize an entire page in a glance, and his 13-year-old son’s strength in numbers and recalling details of stories—Eric says his children are an inspiration. He believes there is “an immense potential” for the world to benefit if companies provide work environments where autistic employees can thrive.

“Children with special needs have so much to offer society and the workforce if their unique talents and gifts can be encouraged. I’m fortunate to work for Protiviti, which shares this commitment to inclusion and, together with other Protiviti leaders, I’m actively engaged in building internal programs that focus on supporting coworkers who may themselves have different abilities or be care givers to those who do,” he said. “As I want a future for my children where they have professional opportunities to maximize their talents and skills, it’s extremely rewarding to see firms like Protiviti help shape that future.”

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The Power of Networking​

In addition to the support they get from their teams, Chana, Eric, and many other Protiviti parents, can build a sense of community and find opportunities to make a difference through their connection to our Parents ENG.

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