Recognizing what a tough year it has been for us all, Protiviti CEO, Joe Tarantino, acknowledged the trepidation many of us feel as we face an uncertain future and noted, “With every step of our journey, the action of greatest consequence that we can take each day is to demonstrate our commitment to each other.”

Taking Care of Each Other at Protiviti

From the onset of the pandemic, our leadership acted quickly to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances. Our team needed little prompting to rise to the occasion and care for one another in new ways in 2020 — that sentiment has been baked into our collective DNA from the firm’s very start. We took care of each other, made room for one another, reached out to lend help or support when needed, forgave mistakes and celebrated wins.

A Houston office Kickball Game in 2019 brings smiles!

There are so many examples of the Protiviti team coalescing to help each other as One Office, from coming together to support one another with messages of encouragement, to acts of kindness shared over the past few months, to the vulnerable and heartfelt stories from colleagues and leaders that provide an authentic perspective. Each new day presents an opportunity to be kind and attentive as we build a work environment where all are valued.

World Mental Health Day

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, which gives us a moment to sit back and consider how we’re coping as we navigate through crisis after crisis. It’s also a moment to check in with those around us – co-workers, clients, friends, and family. We’re all looking for connection, and making the first move to connect can mean all the difference to someone.

We are the team that thrives together. Protiviti offers a number of resources and benefits in addition to Employee Well-Being initiative that support our people and their well-being. To learn more, visit, or if you are a Protiviti team member, contact your HR lead.

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#MyProtivitiStory: We believe the best way to understand the core of our organization is through our people. These short videos are a reflection of our people’s stories and experiences.

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