Each year, Protiviti is thrilled to celebrate Bring Your Child to Work Day (BYCTWD)!

Last week, the Protiviti Parents’ Network – our employee network group focused on working parents in our workforce – partnered with local offices to plan events that brought our families closer to the work we do and this special place where we do it.

The Chicago BYCTWD defined #teamwork in this exercise

So, what exactly does Protiviti BYCTWD look like? A whole lot of smiles, giggles, and cookies galore!

Ft. Lauderdale BYCTWD


Each office structures their BYCTWD agenda differently,and we always have something unique and exciting that promotes our values to the younger generation. In many offices, children of employees  participate in a community-based event where we stress the importance of helping others. Many of these events even support our iOnHunger initiative!

The Chicago SuPRO heros enjoyed Tunes with Tim music time!
Earlier this year the San Francisco office had fun at their BYCTWD!

Protiviti BYCTWD is another way that we recognize the blend of work and life and the importance of including our families in our office communities.

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