Twice annually, we have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate and recognize employees that have been promoted into a new role. And did you know that studies show the best way to get to know an organization is to learn about their employees? Well, I’m here to make that easy for you with #ProtivitiPromos – our month-long series that enables you to get to know our promotes from around the world.

Next up, we’re heading towards our nation’s capital to meet Natasha, a Senior Manager in our Internal Audit and Financial Advisory practice. Natasha was first introduced to Protiviti through a mutual friend, who thought she’d be a perfect fit for the firm. Natasha credits her “thoughtful, deliberate, and dedicated” team of professional mentors, a positive attitude, and diligent work ethic for getting her where she is today. When she’s not delivering exceptional client service, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix and Hulu shows like The Magicians and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as well as cooking, trying new restaurants, and going on adventures with her husband James and their dog Fuego.

I recently sat down with Natasha to ask her a few questions!

natasha 3

Congratulations on the promotion! What makes you most proud?
I’m most proud of my mentees’ achievements this year! There have been promotions, certifications earned, and personal life wins that have been awesome to support and see. On a personal note, I’m proud to be a champion in our Metro D.C. office for the GET IT Employee Network. Prior to GET IT being launched, I was coordinating women in tech efforts in our office with other colleagues, like becoming a sponsor of Women in Tech (WiT) and organizing a Protiviti panelist to join WiT’s Cybersecurity Awareness event.

Tell us about a memorable career moment or memory that stands out for you.  

Our Multicultural Employee Network Group kicked off this year and I enjoyed the info session where we learned cultural backgrounds of Indian and Thai food, shared the origins of our names and families, and learned about other country’s cultural experiences. We ended the year with a “Winter Around the World” event where I represented Team Jamaica, which is where my family is from. I played a clip of the movie “Cool Runnings” and we ate Jamaican patties.

At Protiviti, we love a little inspiration. What are some words of wisdom that have been impactful to you throughout your career?

One of my mentors advised me that mistakes shouldn’t trigger a downward spiral into self-doubt. When mistakes happen, don’t doubt your achievements. Work to move forward and figure out the issue ASAP, but don’t let it linger and start impacting future activities. Also, we’re all human, so the more compassion, empathy, genuine interest, and support we can share with one another, the better off we’ll all be.

natasha 1 dog
Natasha’s dog, Fuego, dressed up for her wedding day!

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