The well-being of our employees is a top priority here at Protiviti because employees are our most valuable asset. We encourage our people to bring their whole selves to work each and every day and we aim to support them in every way that we can. To us, well-being focuses on three main areas: physical, emotional, and financial. In each of these areas, we have programs and benefits in place to support our employees. We want to ensure our people can continue to thrive at home, at work and in life…and we can’t wait!

With the excitement around well-being, we wanted to take a look at the offices who began their own grass-roots initiatives that align with this concept. We’re looking to them to help pave the path and continue to lead the way! So, we figured we should check in and see what they’ve been up too. Here is what well-being looks like in a couple of offices across the U.S.!

St. Louis

Our St. Louis (STL) office is no stranger to physical challenges — just ask them about the STL Office Fitness Competition! I had a chance to catch up with Senior Manager, Kevin, who told me a bit more about the office-wide competition.

“Going into its third iteration, the competition runs for the duration of the first quarter and pits small teams from the office against each other to accumulate as many points as possible — all in friendly competition, of course. The idea was actually inspired by our New York office who does a ‘Go Pink to Win Green’ competition for breast cancer awareness that I participated in several years ago. Consultants do tend to be the competitive type, so we thought that making fitness a competition within the office might provide additional motivation to stay active during the winter months. If I am being honest, I know all too well how susceptible I am to gamification, so this was a way of keeping myself accountable for my regimen while on the road for client work.”

STL Cycle 2018
STL Cycle Class

The idea of this particular competition in St. Louis is that employees can gain points by engaging in fitness-centric activities. The value of the points is reflective of the activity itself and doesn’t measure your personal objectives, since those are typically different by the person. Kevin noted, “Last year we had 36 participants from the office participate. I’ve had conversations with teams in several other offices about the event and I know that at least Minneapolis is planning to do a similar event this upcoming year!”

One of the best parts? “In keeping with our local push for analytics and dashboards, we created a dashboard on our internal office site for participants to track their individual and team progress.”

STL Run 2018 2
STL runners post-run!

In addition to this particular competition, the STL office also participates in sand volleyball, a running series and the KT-82, which is an 82 mile relay race on the Katy Trail.


Traveling a bit further south to Dallas, I had the chance to talk with Experienced Senior Consultant, Liz, who helps to champion the Dallas iFit team. As for her involvement? “Overall I wanted to help contribute toward a fitness taskforce as work-life balance for me includes working out, especially with the desk time and commuting we put in.  I believe it’s important for us to incorporate physical activity in our routines just as much as going to the doctor and keeping up with household chores.”

CycleBar Dallas Interns 2018
CycleBar Class in Dallas

Over the last year, the Dallas office has participated in a marathon relay, sponsored private events with Cyclebar (twice!), a personal training gym, and held an educational lunch that focused on nutrition with a certified health coach. Overall, the events were very well attended with 160+ heads total throughout.

Dallas Personal Training Class 2018
Personal Training in Dallas!

Over the next few months, we’re looking forward to organizing regularly scheduled events and challenges to support our employees well-being. In the meantime, we’re so proud that many of our offices have already hit the ground running (pun always intended). Stay tuned for more!


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