A thank you note to our interns:

You may only be with us for eight weeks of the year, but the impact and value you bring to our organization is unmatched. Each year, we anticipate and plan for your arrival for months and it’s always a joy for us to see you arrive with smiles and determination on your faces. Today, we celebrate YOU on #NationalInternDay. We hope that you know we are thankful for your hard work and proud of your efforts — we think you are simply wonderful.

What value has the 2018 Protiviti intern class brought to the organization?

“Interns bring excitement and freshness to our projects. The energy level increases when they are around, in part because we want them to enjoy their time, but also because we start to reflect on and are reminded of why we love working at Protiviti and the value that we add to our clients.”

Ashley Cuevas, Director

The Intern Challenge – Orlando, FL, June 2018

“Interns help to challenge our perceptions and our perspectives at our clients and in our offices by providing a new point of view and bringing new energy to project teams.”

Joe Murrell, Senior Manager

The 7th Annual ‘Tiv Awards

“The interns bring a ton of fresh perspective and insight, a refreshing energy, curiosity and excitement to learn. They make an impact on our client work and help us to deliver.”

Grace Hinton, Manager

“The interns bring an enthusiasm to the workplace that rejuvenates the Protiviti culture each summer and reminds every member of the firm why they got into consulting at the start of their career.”

Kyle Shockley, Manager

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Executive Networking Reception – June 2018

“The interns bring a different perspective to the organization. The perspective of an intern is valuable because it can help Protiviti remain in line with its competitors in terms of technology tactics, social media strategy, and training programs.”

Katie Hackett, Campus Recruiting Coordinator

“Interns bring a fresh perspective to our workplace. They bring innovative ideas that help us better serve our clients and our people.”

Flavia Phillipson, Director

Dance party at the Intern i on Hunger event!

“I believe the interns provide a fresh perspective and energy to our projects.  They are able to leverage new skills learned in the classroom and bring them to our engagements to provide additional value we might have missed previously.”

Jana Leber, Manager

“Interns bring a fresh perspective that isn’t molded by years of doing our work a certain way.  Teaching interns how to do our work and considering the ‘why’ of how we do things yields new improvement opportunities we didn’t previously consider.”

Vijan Patel, Associate Director

“The Class of 2018 Interns are the future of our organization.  They are in the driver’s seat of shaping what our organization will be in the years to come.  The excitement, the challenging questions, the feedback, the evolving of our organization is thanks to this group of interns. “

Casey Jo Chapman, Senior Manager, U.S. Campus Recruiting Lead

Today, we say ‘thank you’ for all that you bring to our organization! We hope you are enjoying your summer and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of you.

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