Recruiting trends are often reliant on things such as the economy, new generations entering the workforce, and the shifting values of the talent community . To talk about some of these trends, we spoke with Experienced Hire Recruiter, Danielle, who sheds light on the 5 U.S. Recruiting trends we are seeing this year.

*Today’s post is provided by guest blogger, Danielle, from our Experienced Hire Recruiting Team*

Last year, I shared the recruiting trends expected for 2017 and this year I want to do the same in sharing some recent talent acquisition market trends.  These trends are important to be aware of and can be extremely helpful to recruiters, interviewers and candidates.

Top 5 U.S. Recruiting Trends for 2018: 

1) Emphasis on Diversity AND Inclusion

Not only is diversity and inclusion a vital pillar in a company’s culture, but according to LinkedIn, it is also directly correlated to a firm’s financial performance.  Per LinkedIn’s analysis, “78% of companies prioritize diversity to improve culture and 62% do so to boost financial performance.”  Ensuring your company is actively engaged in developing a diverse candidate pool is as important as retaining diverse employees.

How is Protiviti acknowledging this trend? At Protiviti, we are committed to establishing a culture of inclusion and acceptance. We encourage our people to bring their whole selves to work. One of the ways we focus on this is by encouraging involvement in our employee network groups which focus on creating a supportive environment of inclusion.  Our employee networking groups include the Protiviti Parents’ Network, the Veterans’ Network, proPRIDE, the Multicultural Network, the Initiative for the Growth and Retention of Women in the Workforce (iGROWW), and a network for experienced hires.

2) The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

The utilization of tools to attract candidates is at the forefront of our operation, as it likely is for many.  One of the best ways to spotlight a company’s culture to candidates is through impactful and inclusive job descriptions.  The rise in vendors that are leveraging artificial intelligence to accomplish this for companies further exemplifies its importance. Additionally, these tools often help to support our first noted trend of diversity and inclusion by providing suggestions around this topic.

How is Protiviti acknowledging this trend?  Protiviti has recently partnered with several vendors to revamp our job descriptions.  This action resulted in job descriptions with gender neutral wording, a focus on engaging content, and added cohesive statements.  Over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for our updated job descriptions on our career page.

3) Modifying the Interview Process

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), there has been a rapid increase in the usage of online skills assessments during the application process.  Pre-hire assessments and group evaluations are on the rise.

How is Protiviti acknowledging this trend? We are constantly reviewing our candidate assessment process to better evaluate talent and streamline our interview methods.   A robust candidate assessment helps create a more meaningful experience for both the candidates and the professionals who are interviewing.  Over time, we expect this will also be a valuable metric and compliance standard for the firm.

4) Increased Support for Lateral Moves

Glassdoor cites that companies are starting to pay closer attention and encourage the usage of mobility programs.  “Once your company brings in an all-star employee,” Glassdoor shares, “you want to make sure you hold onto them.”  If a current role is unfulfilling and upward mobility is not an option, companies should look toward lateral options.

How is Protiviti acknowledging this trend? Cross-training and finding meaningful work is always a priority for our teams.  One example is our Global Mobility Program for those looking for a change of scenery.  The Global Mobility Program  provides employees with an opportunity to live and work abroad for an extended period of time.

5) Social Media as a Talent Acquisition Tool

Companies are moving away from traditional job postings and looking to social media to attract top talent.  Social media platforms can help serve as a way to both post jobs and highlight a company’s culture. According to SHRM “recruiting passive job candidates continues to be the top reason that organizations use social media for recruitment.”

How is Protiviti acknowledging this trend? Recruiters and practice professionals alike are partnering together to share new opportunities and company happenings to their networks on various social channels. This is an important way to showcase culture and highlight various programs and opportunities.  Check out our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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