As a Recruiting Specialist, I want to share some of the talent acquisition market trends projected for 2017. Hopefully this will give you a glimpse at the year ahead and what recruiters, interviewers, new hires, and all of those who will work alongside incoming colleagues can expect in 2017.

As your Company begins the new year, you may take time to reflect on your successes in 2016 and create a plan for the upcoming year. With these upcoming plans, you are probably looking at projected recruiting forecasts. I anticipate that many of you are already ahead of the game based on the forecasted trends, however, recruiting teams and your firm overall should continue to execute your talent acquisition strategy and embrace the projected developments for the market.

  1. An increase in boomerang workers
    Many companies are seeing an increase in rehires. In fact, Forbes estimated that in previous years 48% of companies were against boomerang hiring, but in 2015, 76% of companies surveyed were accepting of hiring boomerangs; and they expect this trend to continue.
    What does this mean for you? Preserve relationships and be open minded. Rehires acclimate quickly as they are usually already familiar with the Company’s culture; in other words – welcome back your alumni with open arms. Additionally, do not forget that many workplaces offer some sort of a referral bonus program (so it often literally pays to stay in contact with former colleagues).
  1. Generation Z (1994-2000) is entering the workforce
    Studies reveal Generation Z job seekers value work-life balance over salary. Many are opting for freelance and part-time “gig” assignments over full-time jobs as the result.
    What does this mean for you? Interviewing strategies should highlight your culture and spotlight your accolades in the market.  These recognitions are not awarded overnight, but are lived each day in the office and serve a testament to your leaders and your people. It is a compilation of inherent traits specific to your “Company Resume” that set you apart from your competition. Many companies offer flexible work arrangements/telecommuting, which will help attract the incoming Generation Z population.
  1. Benefits are becoming a bigger discussion topic
    Studies reveal that we are entering our next Baby Boom era and short term disability benefits are helping attract and retain employees. Forbes notes that “currently only 1% of companies offer unlimited maternity leave, yet 64% of employees say they want it.”
    What does this mean for you? Continue to illustrate any and all competitive benefits packages, childcare solutions, and other voluntary benefits your company may offer.  Competitive 401K matching programs are also important to today’s job seekers.
  1. Focus is on branding.
    According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) – if a candidate cannot find enough information about a company online, they will not apply.
    What does this mean for you? It is important to maintain and grow your social media presence and to be able to showcase why candidates should work at your Company. Recruiters and interviewers need to be prepared to provide relevant articles exemplifying your Company as a best place to work.  Feel free to share your Company’s social media sites, employee articles, etc. with professionals in your network.
  1. Rejected candidates are tomorrow’s referrers.
    Talent acquisition should be an empathetic process. Losing a job is often ranked #1 on the scale of personal loses. It is a vulnerable state, and as interviewers, we become a part of the journey. Unfortunately, even in growing companies, you can only hire so many. A bad interviewing/ rejection experience not only hurts the individual ego, but it can impact the Company’s reputation.
    What does this mean for you? Of course you need to maintain a compliant standpoint when passing on candidates, however the generic legalese can be relevant and warmly delivered. Always keep strong candidates in mind for future opportunities and feel free to check-in on their job search appropriately. Candidates do not live in a vacuum, they have networks too, and can refer friends/colleagues with similar technical backgrounds.

We hope this information will be useful on your recruiting journeys.  Protiviti is excited to recruit the 2017 Class of top talent!  Please feel free to check our open positions on


— Danielle Flood
Protiviti Recruiting Specialist


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