Supporting an important cause.

Exercising the lungs.

Filling the tummy with pizza.

Me: Where do I sign up?


At the end of March, a group of Protiviti employees, friends, family and clients participated in the 5K. And yes, you guessed correctly — it ended with pizza!

With the amazing corporate matching program, the Dallas-based Protiviti team, led by Senior Consultants Jonathan and Trey, raised $3,100 to support the AIDS Walk South Dallas organization whose mission “is to empower persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS with emphasis on African-American MSM’s (Men Who Have Sex with Men), through prevention, advocacy, education, peer support, linkage to care and emergency financial assistance.”


We checked in with a few of our supporters and participants:

Susan Haseley, Executive Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

“I am thrilled to see the momentum that has been building within our proPRIDE group through activities, such as this event. Our LGBTQIA+ employees and allies play a powerful role in helping Protiviti to be a best place to work for all. We are stronger together and I celebrate this passion for inclusiveness that drives our proPRIDE team!”

Jessica N., Senior Consultant:

“This was my second time walking in the AIDS Walk South Dallas and each time is more powerful than the last. Not only is it a great opportunity to engage and support the proPRIDE Employee Network Group, but it is also a great opportunity to support the community and gain knowledge about how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and ways to assist those who are impacted by this.”

Taylor M., Senior Consultant:

“It was such a great experience coming together for a great cause. The best part of the walk, aside from knowing the impact we are making to people living with HIV/AIDS, was the fresh scent of barbeque as we made our final home stretch. People greeted the walkers with cheers, music and BBQ. The feeling of accomplishment permeated through the streets.”

I  know I can speak on the greater organization’s behalf when I say we’re really proud of our team in Dallas! Thank you for working hard to aid your local community, spread awareness and support discussion.


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