On my wedding day with my first mentor (who also hired me)

I met my husband on August 5th, 2005.  I met Protiviti shortly after and started working here on October 17th, 2005.  Suffice it to say that 2005 was a big year for me because I initiated relationships that have changed the course of my life.

When people talk about work and life, they often talk about the challenges.  Work-life balance has been deemed a myth; work-life blend is the new, more accurate approach.  I subscribe to that concept of a blend, but I have stretched my thinking to move beyond the inherent obstacles and to look instead to the inherent benefits.

Over the past twelve years, my employer has supported me personally in ways I couldn’t have expected.  Let’s forget about the fact that lessons learned in the workplace help to build character beyond the office walls.  Let’s forget, too, that I can trace my development as a professional and see the way that it has made me a better, more mature person.  Some of the most fundamental advice that I have received has been from coworkers, and their wisdom is not limited to the 9 to 5 workweek.  But let’s forget about all that for now.

The beauty of a work-life blend became crystal clear to me when my son was born three years ago (coincidentally, on my boss’s birthday).  Protiviti friends here in Charlotte had thrown me a shower and gifts were sent in from my team across the U.S.  Protiviti friends had created the list of baby gear must-haves that helped me through the terrifying task of registering.  That night (morning?) at the hospital in May, I found myself on a group text at 3AM with said boss and a handful of other colleagues who have grown to be true friends.  For the first few months of his life, my son was dressed almost exclusively in hand-me-downs or gifts from Protiviti professionals.  As I snapped the onesies on each morning, I realized that this is what work-life blend truly looks like.

I met my employer and my husband in 2005.  Since then, my relationships with both have evolved.  There have been ups and downs, but when it matters most, these relationships have not let me down.  When my mother-in-law was ill and we spent a month in Ireland caring for her, Protiviti supported me.  When I moved from Chicago to Charlotte to start a new life for our family, Protiviti supported me.  Over 50% of The People I Go To For Anything are people I would not have known were it not for Protiviti.  I have benefited greatly from this blend of work and life, and I know I am not unique.  It is time to think beyond the challenges, to see the reality that is possible – and possibly real right now – if you choose it.




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