Twice a year, we are proud to celebrate and recognize employees that have been promoted in to a new role. As such, we are excited to introduce you to some of our newly promoted colleagues. Throughout the remainder of this month, we will continue to spotlight a few of these individuals in celebration through this #ProtivitiPromos series. Next up in our series, we are headed down to the Sunshine State. Meet former Intern, Sanket, out of Orlando! Sanket is a newly promoted Senior Manager in our Internal Audit Financial Advisory – Technology practice.

Sanket is a newly promoted Senior Manager in our Orlando market

Years at Protiviti: “6 years”

Path to Protiviti: “I interned at Protiviti in 2011 and continued full time beginning February 2012 after graduating from the University of Florida.”

Current Solution and/or Industry focus: “IT Audit / Business Continuity Management”

What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “The thing I value most at Protiviti are the individuals that I have worked with and the personal, professional, mentoring relationships that have been created through my career here. The Orlando office leaders have done a great job of creating a consistent and quality culture when hiring, which has resulted in a true family atmosphere.”

Who has contributed to your success or been a mentor to you during your Protiviti career? “Jose, a Director at Protiviti, has been a primary mentor for me throughout my career here at Protiviti. I have worked on many projects with him throughout the years and appreciate him taking me under his wing on day one and giving me great sound advice whenever I needed it.”

What memorable experiences stand out to you at Protiviti? “Some of favorite memories have come from the Challenge Schools (training programs) that I have been able to both attend and facilitate throughout the years.”

If you could sum up Protiviti in 1 word, what would that word be?“Culture”

Sanket Patel
Sanket & his wife on vacation

Protiviti Director, Jose, had this to say about Sanket:

“From the moment that Sanket joined our firm, he has made a positive impact on our office, our clients, our team, and my career, personally.  He and I have worked almost exclusively together throughout his tenure at the firm and he has remained as steady of a performer as they come.  Further, no matter how many client projects he is juggling or how much responsibility that he has taken on, Sanket can always be depended on to deliver a high quality, on-time result.  One of the things that I’ve specifically enjoyed about working with Sanket is that he always maintains a positive attitude and outlook, no matter the engagement or how many deadlines are piling up.  This, in turn, helps his team and even his management remain optimistic and truly believe that we can accomplish amazing things for our clients together.  I’d like to personally thank Sanket for his tireless, outstanding performance on engagements, the investment that he makes in developing our people, for making a positive impression on our clients, and truly living all of Protiviti’s core values.  I don’t think that I would be where I am in my own career were it not for strong, talented people like Sanket supporting me along the way.  This promotion is extremely well-deserved and I look forward to witnessing the many great things Sanket will achieve in his career at Protiviti.  I’m proud of you, Sanket!”

Congratulations, Sanket! From Intern to Senior Manager, we are glad to have you here at Protiviti.


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