Go Big, Go Small, Just Go Green … Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22. It’s a great day to celebrate Protiviti’s commitment to All Things Green and renew our promises to a more sustainable future. But, how DO we do that as a company? We’re glad you asked!.

Charlotte Consultant & Local Green Committee Lead Will Ferrand


One example comes from our Charlotte office where Consultant Will Ferrand has always had a passion for sustainability. He said he really got into it when he started at Protiviti in 2015 and became the leader of Charlotte’s Green Committee. He has since been focused on engaging the office in green activities and sustainability. One such activity was an effort to participate in the North Carolina’s EarthShare Corporate Challenge.



For their part in the North Carolina Corporate Challenge, the Charlotte office conducted a walking audit of the downtown Charlotte area, something that’s easy for many to replicate in their own cities. Partnering with Sustain Charlotte, the team set out to find how easy or difficult walking around town is for pedestrians, given the limited stops and accessibility of the light rail train and bus system. The results of the audit were then communicated to the Charlotte Department of Transportation.

Will suggests that one can learn more about sustainability by examining daily habits and considering how they can be modified, even if slightly. For example, your regular to-go coffee cup may not be recyclable, but a simple switch in your coffee order could result in a cup that is. Ride sharing not only reduces the cost to the environment, but also to your wallet. In Charlotte, the office also started a k-cup recycling program, stocks reusable silverware and plates in their kitchen and encourages eliminating waste with signage around the office.

More broadly, Will recognizes that being green is an everyday challenge that we can all participate in, and it’s really about the little things: using one paper towel instead of two and turning off the water while you brush your teeth adds up. For example, Will enjoys being able to walk to work every day, but knows that it’s not ideal for everyone. Will says, “As an individual, you can’t save the rainforest, but doing a little bit makes a difference.”

Will and team at the North Carolina Corporate Challenge

Will’s efforts and enthusiasm landed him on the planning committee for Protiviti’s Global Green Champions Network, partnering with cities around the world to inform and create lasting change in our offices!

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