Every year our US Protiviti offices go a bit “mad” for March madness.There are local office viewing parties, fun wagers made and a heighten sense of pride as one team inevitability takes the title. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that one Protiviti office has found a way to put a philanthropic spin on all of the fun.


In our Phoenix office, there is a long standing tradition of having a local office March madness competition. Each employee who opts in will fill out a bracket and donate $10 or a new basketball. As the games are played, participants are regularly notified of whose bracket is on top!


At the end of the competition the winner gets their named engraved on the official office plaque and the cash donations and basketballs go to the charity Arizonans for Children; a charity for foster children

This past year, our Phoenix office donated 7 new basketballs and $400! The new basketballs will be used at the centers where families visit and the cash donation will go towards programs for the children.

— Tianna Leigh
Phoenix Executive and Recruiting Assistant

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