As the calendar year has turned to read 2017, there are many exciting activities kicking off their annual planning cycle within Protiviti.  As the lead of the Campus Recruiting Team, I have the pleasure of getting to work with the campus recruiters across the U.S. to begin preparations of welcoming the 2017 interns and new consultants.  The energy around these efforts is something I was reconfirmed with this year through the #GoingPRO campaign.


I was excited to see the many photos throughout social media from our former interns, Protiviti executives, recruiters and employees letting us know why they made and continue making the decision of #GoingPRO.


Each year, as I begin the planning phases for the new intern and consultant classes, I am reminded of the reasons I decided to join Protiviti over 9 years ago:

  • The opportunity to join a growing organization with passionate leadership.
  • The opportunity to progress my career with like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about the community around them.
  • The opportunity to have an impact on an organization early on in my professional career.

I realize each of you has different needs when it comes to your career and while Protiviti has grown and changed since the time I joined the firm; I can confirm the reasons I joined Protiviti post college are still the reasons why I am today happy about the decision I made to join Protiviti.

I hope as we return to campus this winter and spring, more of you will decide to join us in #GoingPro!

My dog, Kona, is having dreams of being the first puppy to have a chance of #GoingPRO


Casey Jo
Protiviti, Campus Recruiting Lead

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