Twice a year, we take some time to celebrate the individuals who were recently promoted to new career levels across the organization. Earlier this month, we kicked off that celebration by dedicating some time to honor our recent promotions! Throughout the remainder of this month, we will spotlight several of those professionals through a “Protiviti Promos” series that will celebrate this career milestone.  A career promotion is a testament to an individual’s hard work and success.  What does success look like at Protiviti?  Let’s ask Thankie!

Protiviti Promotion Spotlight: Thankie

 Thankie, now a Senior Consultant, works in Risk and Compliance in San Francisco
Thankie, now a Senior Consultant, works in Risk and Compliance in San Francisco
  • Years at Protiviti: “1 year”
  • Path to Protiviti: “I came to Protiviti directly from working in economic sanctions compliance operations in a multinational British bank. Prior to that, I worked for UCLA as a project manager, and interned for the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Treasury.”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus: “I work in Risk and Compliance with a focus on anti-money laundering.”
  • What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “My colleagues and upper management care about my passions and how I want to improve my knowledge and skills. I truly want to pursue a specialization in anti-money laundering, and working in Risk and Compliance has been able to put me directly on related engagements to further increase my subject-matter-expertise.”
  • Who has played a critical role in your development and how?  “Coming from an industry background, I had zero consulting experience. San Francisco senior consultant Kathleen is my peer advisor. She first showed me the ropes in the consulting environment. Houston Associate Director Catherine, my very first manager, really taught me anti-money laundering audit principles from the ground up and gave me increased leadership roles for my first engagements. My executive advisor, Joe H, is essentially my ultimate anti-money laundering knowledge source, as he lives and breathes it. Lastly, my career advisor Drew has been giving me direction and advice for a long while, and I can’t thank him enough. Happy hours with him are always an educational experience!”
  • What inspires you outside of work? “I like bikes. I’m a huge fan of road cycling and mountain biking, and in general the outdoors. Just recently I checked off my personal goal of riding 110 miles from Oakland, CA to Sacramento, CA.”
  • How are you celebrating or commemorating this important career milestone? “A bucket of fried chicken from The Front Porch (a restaurant in San Francisco), and a celebratory beer!”
Pictured above is Thankie Victory at the State Capitol after riding 110 miles
Pictured above is Thankie in a victory pose, at the State Capitol, after riding 110 miles and checking off another personal goal from his bucket list. 

Congratulations to Thankie and to all our #ProtivitiPromos!

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