As we kick off a brand new year, here at Protiviti we take some time to celebrate individuals who were recently promoted to new career levels across the organization.  This month, we will spotlight many of those professionals through a “Protiviti Promos” series that will celebrate this career milestone.  A career promotion is a testament to an individual’s hard work and success.  What does success look like at Protiviti?  Let’s start with Vijan.

Protiviti Promotion Spotlight: Vijan

Vijan, promoted to Associate Director
  • Years at Protiviti: 7.5
  • Path to Protiviti: Campus hire from Texas A&M University.  I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but through my job search realized consulting sounded interesting and from my consulting research, Protiviti was the best fit for me.
  • Current Area of Focus:  I work in our IT Consulting practice with a primary focus on ERP Solutions.  In short, I help companies manage the risks associated with using a large piece of software to run the ins and outs of their business.  Being in Houston, a majority of my clients are in the Energy industry but I have worked with several other industries as well (e.g. Financial Services, Technology, etc.).
  • What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti?  I enjoy the challenge, the people I get to work with, the rewards for doing a good job, the variety of the work, the overall culture of the company, and last but not least, the experience of the journey along the way.
  • Who has played a critical role in your development and how?  From Day 1 at Protiviti, I have had Houston Managing Director Tyler Chase as my career advisor.  He has given me great advice over the years but more importantly has set a great example for me of the “work hard, play hard” culture we have at Protiviti.  You can always count on him to be there when we are trying to make something happen for our clients but you’ll also find him raising a pint with the rest of us at a Friday happy hour.  He helps me maintain perspective on the two most important groups we serve: our clients and our people.
  • What inspires you outside of work?  My biggest inspirations and hobbies outside of work are: 1) Spending time with my wife, Veronica; 2) Traveling the world on vacation; 3) Spending time with my friends, especially if it involves playing a round of golf or going to a football game at Kyle Field.
  • How are you celebrating or commemorating this important career milestone?  Coincidentally, on the day I received the call about my promotion, I was already planning to take my wife out on a date to have dinner and see a show.  We ended up making the evening serve a dual purpose so we could have a timely celebration!

vijan and veronica
Vijan and his wife enjoying a dinner out on the town
Congratulations to Vijan and to all our #ProtivitiPromos!

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