Throughout the month of November, we are going to be posting a blog series spotlighting Protiviti’s Women in IT.

Claire and her husband, Grant, hiking in Glacier National Park, Montana
Claire and her husband, Grant, hiking in Glacier National Park, Montana

Let’s meet Claire Cupps. As a Manager within the Enterprise Content Management group at Protiviti she works to constantly deliver the best experience possible for our clients as well as ensure that all team members know what is expected of them so they can deliver a truly exceptional product. Claire joined Protiviti as an experienced hire a little over two years ago, and in her time with us she has gained experience in a many industries including finance, energy, manufacturing and technology.

When we had some time to connect with Claire, we asked her the following questions:

    • What attracted you to Protiviti?  “The size!  I had worked for a large, complex IT consulting firm and really disliked feeling like I was just a number when it came to HR questions or benefits.  I had then moved to a very small agency where they lacked structure and knowledge around promotions and caring for employees.  As I learned more and more about Protiviti through Robert Half’s Salaried Professional Services program. I knew I’d never feel like just a number and was also certain that they understood the importance of putting the employee first.”
    • What excites you the most about your work in IT?  “It’s the core to growth and efficiency in today’s economy.  We are able to help develop solutions that automate lengthy and arduous tasks to increase productivity and efficiency.”
    • What has been the biggest challenge you have faced working in IT? “The sheer pace at which it evolves and changes.  There are constantly new and better solutions available and, at times, it’s very hard to manage the change that is seen in this industry and ensure that you are providing your client with the very best solution out there.”
    • Where do you see Protiviti in the IT space in the next 5 years? “Just as Protiviti has found themselves even more consumed in the IT space today compared to where they were five years ago I see them becoming even more engaged and proactive when it comes to finding and providing IT solutions to their clients.  As I mentioned earlier, IT is at the core of growth and proficiency so I think we will see our solution offerings in the IT realm truly grow over the next five years.”
    • Who has played a critical role in the development in your career? “I would say that my very first IT consulting manager out of college really set the stage for me.  She was eager, a high performer and showed me what how to be detailed oriented and passionate in any role you take on.  Although she had faced a number of setbacks in her life she didn’t let those stop her and I constantly look to her as a role model.”
    • What do you enjoy doing outside of work? “I love traveling, spending relaxing evenings with my husband and getting together with friends.  The photo included in the blog post is of my husband (Grant) and I this past September hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana.  We love exploring beautiful places all across the world including those that are in our own backyard.”

Thanks Claire for being one of our Protiviti Women in IT spotlight professionals.  We appreciate the time you took away from your client work to share with others about your career.

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