We sure have been loving the spring weather down in the South this month! Along with the sunshine & excessive pollen, we have enjoyed our trips to campus to celebrate our favorite people…the students!
Recently, two Protiviti consultants from Atlanta, Will & Daniel, ventured to Athens, GA to attend the Spring 2013 meeting of The University of Georgia’s Management Information Systems Advisory Board. While at this event, Will and Daniel not only found time to  discuss the current needs in the workforce and the desired skills employers seek, but also managed to share tips and advice for those students gearing up for the recruiting process this Fall.
Will and Daniel had a great time, but their favorite part of this event was giving out two Protiviti scholarships to MIS students with excellent academic standing and leadership experience. The event was valuable both to Protiviti and to the students and we look forward to attending again next Spring.
(Daniel, scholarship recipient, Will, scholarship recipient)
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