Today, Protiviti is celebrating Earth Day around the globe.  CEO, Joe Tarantino sent an internal message to our organization informing us of a challenge that is underway for our firm.  Our global goal is to reach 2,013 Acts of Green by December 31, 2013.

Here’s what our employees are doing to help kick start reaching our goal:

Houston Senior Consultant, Will:  “…Protiviti re-usable shopping bag! Looking forward to using (it) over and over at the store.”

New York Consultant, Danielle:  “My Act of Green is to use a reusable lunch bag instead of a brown paper one each day.”

Seattle Managing Director, Linda: “…turn off the tap while brushing my teeth!”  
Charlotte Assistant, Kaitlyn:  My Act of Green is to walk to work each day instead of driving. Great exercise!”
Chicago Senior Consultant, Ahmed:  “I drive a Jetta clean diesel, ave mpg 37.4.”

New York Manager, Melinda:  “I have replaced all my plastic food containers with glass ones.”

Kansas City Director, Gordon:  “I spent this morning with other volunteers helping to plant an edible classroom and community garden at the soon to be refurbished Hale Cook Elementary school in Kansas City, MO. The garden will be jointly maintained by the school and the community and its harvest will be shared with nearby Gillis House – a safe place for boys with troubled backgrounds.”

And of course, our Charlotte based Campus Recruiter, Bridget:  My act of green is to carpool to work with Brittany.”

Campus Recruiter, Brittany reporting for carpool duty!

What are you doing today to help the Earth?  I am recycling documents that I no longer need in my new recycle trashcan below my desk.  Every little bit helps and we are excited that Protiviti is doing a part to protect the Earth for the next generation of employees.

-Casey Jo

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