Protiviti is proud to be listed on Experience, Inc’s “Best Places To Work For Recent Grads” ranking for 2012.  This is our second consecutive year on the list and we are thrilled to be back.  For more information on this ranking, click here.

As a campus recruiter, I have a special appreciation for all of the things that Protiviti does as an organization to command such recognition.  With that in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some quick but well-deserved recognition for the people who make our entry-level recruiting such a success.

Top Ten Reasons We Are A Best Place To Work For Recent Grads

10)  One Word: Joe

Our CEO makes a point to invest in initiatives that recruit, develop, and retain top talent.  From leading calls for our new hires before they join us to sharing his world-famous guacamole recipe when they start, Joe Tarantino is committed to making Protiviti a best place to work for recent grads.

9)  Our Leaders

Following Joe’s example, Protiviti’s leadership team is dedicated to ensuring the success of our entry-level hires.  Our executives go to campuses all over the U.S. to recruit (see below), give interviews for our new hire newsletter and website, serve as advisors for our interns each summer, build office camaraderie that helps our new hires feel at home, and drive client relationships that give our new hires exposure to real-world business problems.

8)  Our Facilitators

Protiviti professionals from all over the world make a point to serve as facilitators in critical new hire trainings such as The Intern Challenge and The Consultant Challenge.  This responsibility takes weeks out of their schedules each year, which is always a struggle in a world where time is money.  Their reward is to see our new hires engaged in project work from the start, confident in their understanding of the part they play in our business.

7)  Our Mentors and Buddies

Our professionals who act as mentors, buddies, advisors, and new hire buddies (iPals) build an integral support system that enables our new hires to develop both personally and professionally.  We thank them for all of the extra time and effort that this can take in a work environment where travel is frequent and client needs are constantly changing.

6)  Our Campus Recruiters

I couldn’t let this list go by without recognizing the core team of campus recruiters who manage our local programs.  Chances are, you’ve already met them.  They work overtime to memorize every student’s name, to answer every call, email, text, or tweet, to generate energy and interest in every interaction, to collaborate with career services staff who make their lives easier, to make every school feel like it is their favorite, and to guarantee a positive experience for every single candidate.

5)  Our People

You have likely already met this next group as well – at a career fair, perhaps, or an information session with your student organization, or possibly you interviewed with a few of them, or you took a business card after a classroom presentation… Every semester, our professionals head back to school to seek out the next generation of Protiviti new hires.  We are so happy that they can join us on the campus recruiting road show!

4)  Our Alumni

I have written time and again about our alumni (here and here, for example).  When we set out on the aforementioned road show, one of the most enjoyable moments is seeing an alum return to his or her campus as an accomplished professional.  There is always a sense of pride that shows through, and our alumni are truly committed to strengthening connections with their academic roots… and engaging in friendly rivalries with other schools, of course.

3)  Our Project Teams

Every day, at client sites around the globe, Protiviti staff and management contribute to a new hire’s success by working side by side on a variety of client engagements.  Often our recent grads find themselves out of their comfort zone – it’s all just part of the experience – and their project team is there to answer questions, provide direction and feedback, and help each new hire realize his or her potential.

2)  Our Interns

The closer we get to summer (even in Chicago, where the weather is still in the fifties most days), the more I think about our interns, and they deserve a mention here.  Each year, Protiviti hires the majority of its interns for full-time positions when they graduate.  During the time between their internship and their full-time start date, those interns serve as ambassadors of the Protiviti brand on campuses across the U.S.  They directly impact our ability to hire the best and brightest and to provide those individuals with a unique employment experience.  We can’t say it enough – we love our interns!

1)  Our Recent Grads

Finally, in my mind, the most important factors in this equation are the recent graduates themselves.  We are so proud of the talented individuals that we hire into the entry level of our organization.  Their intelligence, creativity, enthusiasm, and spirit are evident in everything they do – from finding new ways to look at things to contributing to the communities where they reside, from growing their networks within Protiviti to exceeding our clients’ expectations.  As we gear up for the 2012 Intern Program and for our May grads to join us this summer, we look forward to seeing what they do next!

— Bridget

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