Washington D.C. Managing Director, Kevin

This year was Protiviti Houston’s 10th year to participate in the BP MS 150, which is the largest fundraising ride of its kind, supporting research and vital services for men, women and children living with multiple sclerosis.  The BP MS 150 is a two-day cycling adventure from Houston-to-Austin.
In our 10th year as Team Protiviti, our riders raised over $21,000 to-date, exceeding our original goal of $15,000. These funds go to a great cause, Multiple Sclerosis Society – Lone Star Chapter, and the team appreciate all those who donated on behalf of the team. This year we had two team member joined from our Protiviti Washington D.C. office to make our complete team of 29 dedicated individuals and countless supporters.

Houston Manager, Ashley

I have received a re-cap from one of the team member rookie’s Technology Manager, Ashley that I wanted to share with you regarding her first experience on the 150 mile bike trek to Austin.

DAY 1:
Overall the weather was windy with lots of sunshine. The day started out a little cold when the team rolled out near 7 a.m. We started Saturday with a 20 mph headwind, not to mention, the whole route is on an incline, as you are headed north towards the Texas Hill Country. The end of day one had us end in La Grange, Texas at a campsite that appeared more like a festival. There are team tents with electricity that are the size of a tent you would use for a wedding reception.

DAY 2:
On Sunday, it was pretty painful to sit down on that bike seat, but after the first mile, I got used to the pain and just started pedaling. The wind died down on Sunday, just in time for the Hills to pick up. I was not a huge fan of the uphill, but I did manage to make it up all hills without walking my bike. However, the downhill was the part that I feared most. On one downhill, the guy that came flying past me said he was going 42 miles per hour! I’m pretty sure that was over the speed limit for cars on the road. I, on the other hand, was holding on for dear life and breaking the whole way down. I wanted to close my eyes, but knew that was not a safe move.

There were so many things keeping me motivated this weekend and I’d like to point out a few:
• 14,000+ riders
• Countless Volunteers every step of the way
• Men, Women, and Children living with MS thanking me for riding for them
• The entire town of Fayetteville setting up bubble machines and blowing bubbles as you ride through the route
• Cowbells ringing along the route ( yes, we were in Texas)
• A bagpiper stopped in the middle of a field with a full kilt outfit on

Consultant, Taylor and Senior Consultant, Joe at Saturday’s Lunch Stop in Industry, Texas

The final 3 mile stretch into Austin seemed to take the longest, but I did finally make it into town. It’s hard to explain the emotions going through my head as I rode through the finish line area –
• “Holy smokes, I did it!”
• “Better not fall NOW”
• “Where is my ride home?”
• “Did I really just finish this?”
• “It wasn’t that bad.”
• “There’s my ride!!!”
• “I’m so thirsty!”
• “I might do this again next year….”
• “What are you thinking!?!? Next Year?!?! AGAIN?!?!”

Senior Consultant, Vijan, Senior Manager, Holly, and Senior Consultant, Matt at Sunday’s lunch stop in Bastrop, Texas
Overall for all participants it was a HUGE success! I am excited for all of the Protiviti riders who were able to either accomplish this milestone again, or for their first time. I for one will continue to be a supporter instead of a rider, because I cannot even begin to imagine 2 days on a bike.

-Casey Jo

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