Lucia Lau (Protiviti Hong Kong), Amanda Ng (Protiviti Hong Kong), Chelo Gonzalez, David Cheung (Protiviti Hong Kong), Matt Watson (Protiviti Dallas)

“Thurs – Fri = 2 working days on 2 different continents / Fri – Sat = 2 weddings on 2 coasts / Sunday = a day of gratitude, and rest…”

Welcome to the world of Chelo Gonzalez, where a Facebook update like the above comes with the territory. In her role as Manager of Training Facilitation and Delivery, Chelo travels far and wide to deliver the Protiviti consulting methodology across the globe. On any given day, you can find her organizing a task force around a new curriculum, stockpiling packets of her favorite Starbucks Via blend, or running through a major airport on the way to her next connecting flight. So where in the world is Chelo now? She is wrapping up the Consultant Challenge training in Shanghai.

The Consultant Challenge is a mandatory training for all entry-level Protiviti hires. The curriculum focuses on experiential learning and places our consultants in role-play scenarios where they execute the deliverables of a sample client engagement. The Challenge prepares our consultants for their roles on project teams and sets them up for a successful transition into the consulting environment. To deliver this training in our Asia-Pac region, Chelo worked with professionals from Dallas to Hong Kong, many of whom are pictured above.

Having been to that part of the world before for previous trainings, she had already learned important details such as her Chinese shoe size – 235 – as well as valuable language skills – “nihao” is “hello”, “xie xie” is “thank you”, and “toilet” is a universal word. Upon arrival for the Challenge, she reacquainted herself with chopsticks and chaotic traffic patterns and got down to business with the transcontinental facilitation team. The training was hard work but well worth the effort, and she even found time on a Saturday afternoon to admire the pace of Shanghai life from a relaxing seat at an outdoor café.

With such a whirlwind schedule, you might conclude that Chelo gets tired of the lifestyle of a training warrior, but a quick glance at her latest Facebook update will prove how wrong you are…

“One more flight, then home for the remainder of the year… Any wagers on how long it will take before I get the ‘itch’ to travel again? I have a new passport with a LOT of blank pages just waiting to be filled with new adventures!”.

– Bridget

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