I can’t tell you how many times I have wished I could turn back the clock and return to my college life. Not because I regret anything that happened during the actual experience… On the contrary, it is because there is no other time in life where I could fill each day with so much excitement and variety.

As you go through your education and the job search that goes along with it, there is a lot of pressure to build your resume with certain things that make you relevant in the corporate world. Case studies, group projects, workshops, business fraternities, and job shadows are all excellent ways to promote yourself as a top candidate. However, when I review a resume and consider the potential of the individual based on the details provided, I also look for the “extra” extra-curriculars – the items often found under “Miscellaneous,” “Hobbies and Interests,” or simply “Other.”

Some of the most impressive candidates to come through our recruiting process stood out because of the “Other” things they did during their time in school. Community service, sports, and cultural or social organizations showcase your talents in a different light. These activities can help you develop the communication skills, work-life balance, and creative style that are so important in a consulting environment. They can also serve as an outlet for you to have a well-rounded college experience – to give you the memories that make you wish you could turn back the clock every once in a while long after graduation.

– Bridget

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