Cel-e-brate good times, come on!

Last week, Protiviti offices around the world celebrated career progression during Promotions Week. From creative ideas and punny projects to happy hours and ice cream socials, there was certainly nothing lacking in the celebratory category. You don’t have to take my word for it – check out some of the celebrations here:


The Philadelphia Ops team enjoying ice cream!

A recent study showed that most promotes prefer Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to other flavors. While that is a completely made-up statistic, I did find that to be true at the Ice Cream Social we hosted in Philadelphia. Other things promotes seem to enjoy include: Jimmies (that’s “sprinkles” to the non-Philadelphians), Whipped Cream, Fudge and Caramel.


In Amsterdam, promotes enjoyed a green gift! While it might not taste as delicious as ice cream, the beautiful floral view will certainly last longer.

Promotees in Protiviti’s Amsterdam office.

In New York City, CEO Joe Tarantino toasted the promotes during a celebration complete with champagne, networking, and a lot of good laughs.

Heading a bit further south to Dallas, celebrations continued with group lunches. Aside from a delicious meal, promotes were able to spend some time networking with the leadership hosting the lunches, like Executive Vice President, Susan Haseley.

As we continued to see celebrations and pictures flowing in from across the world, we noticed a common theme with ice cream and champagne toasts taking the cake. You can see here – the St. Louis office chose to enjoy both during Promotions week!

In Frankfurt, Germany, promotes celebrated their career progression by enjoying time hanging with their colleagues and getting a little competitive! While it’s unclear who won the game of foosball, we truly think all Protiviti team members are winners.

Frankfurt GE.jpg

While Promotions Week has formally concluded, we continue to celebrate career progression at Protiviti. Our team members work hard and their dedication does not go unnoticed. We thank you for all that you do and look forward to your career continuing to grow with us and propelling our organization to new heights!


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