In this day and age, we have direct access to opinions, thoughts and evaluations on nearly everything at the tips of our fingers. Technology has made it easy for us to gain insight to restaurants, products, services and businesses in just one click and the truth of the matter is — we often make decisions weighing in the factors of what we read. Fact.

At Protiviti, we recognize the value in these evaluations on websites such as Glassdoor, whether they are positive or negative, and we work hard to stay on top of them by listening, replying and acting.   In a recent interview with Human Resource Executive magazine, Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources, Scott Redfearn shared insight on the process at Protiviti, mentioning first and foremost that every employee review on Glassdoor is read by our HR representatives and thoughtfully processed.  “We step back and look for overall trends to determine whether there is some underlying issue that we should be sensitive to,” Redfearn states. “This feedback is visible for job candidates that you’re trying to hire. If you don’t stay on top of it, don’t respond, it gets to be more of a daunting task.”

Houston Office Outlook - Kevin Nguyen
Protiviti perspective by Kevin N., Senior Consultant, New York


In growing a thriving company culture, there needs to be a sense of acknowledgement when it comes to building on strengths and working through areas of opportunity. Companies face a great risk in ignoring feedback, not listening and not acting on identified trends. We encourage our people to always provide honest feedback and use websites, such as Glassdoor, as well as internal surveys and discussions with advisors as an opportunity to have their voices heard. To us, each piece of feedback is a chance to evolve. We thank our employees for their commitment to helping us to better our organization, each and every day!


Help us to identify our strengths and areas of opportunity here on Glassdoor.

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