To celebrate the end to a magical year, the Protiviti Los Angeles Office transformed into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for a nostalgic Quarter 4 2017 Town Hall Meeting. Wizards from all solutions gathered at the Hogwarts Great Hall and were sorted into four houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. First, wizards were enlightened with Muggle updates from each of  Protiviti’s four Cornerstones. To end the meeting, each house competed in the Tri-Wizard Tournament to win the House Cup! The challenging contests included Wingardium Leviosa, Harry Potter Pictionary, and Quidditch.

During Wingardium Leviosa, everyone paired up with someone they do not have an opportunity to work with daily and took turns ‘levitating’ a feather in the air without using their hands. When the feather hit the floor on someone’s turn, they lost. Each winner then continued to find new challengers until one Wizard was left standing. Our winner for this challenge was consultant, Melissa, who dove and dipped to beat her fearless competitor, consultant Leo.

The next tournament game was Harry Potter Pictionary! A member from each house was given a Harry Potter themed word or phrase. They would then draw clues using no words and whichever house guessed the word first wins! Our resident Harry Potter Fan Girl, consultant Heather, took the lead! Fun fact: Heather started Dumbledore’s Anteaters at UC Irvine, a Harry Potter fan and cosplay club!

And for the final game we played Quidditch! A member from each house tried to score as many points by tossing their ping pong ball through a hoop within 1 minute.

After all points we tallied up, Hufflepuff was the reigning house of Hogwarts! Following the games, we all had our fair share of Butter Beer and Canary Creams at our End of the Year happy hour!

All of this Wizarding fun was featured on Protiviti’s Instagram Story! Don’t miss out on future magical action – be sure to follow us at @Protiviti! Instagram

-Alex, Annie & Dania ;  Los Angeles

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