Twice a year we take some time to celebrate and recognize our colleagues that were recently promoted into a new role. These exciting career milestones are a big part of each employee’s Protiviti journey and a momentous accomplishment. Throughout the remainder of this month, we are going to spotlight a few of these individuals. Next up in our #ProtivitiPromos series is Kevin from Shenzhen, China!

Kevin Prof
Kevin is a newly promoted Senior Consultant in our Shenzhen, China office
  • Years at Protiviti: “Two and a quarter years.”
  • Path to Protiviti: “I started at Protiviti in March 2015 after graduating from The University of Hong Kong with a Masters degree in Engineering.”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus: “I’m currently work in Internal Audit Financial Advisory in the Shenzhen office. Since the first day at Protiviti, I’ve been able to gain plenty of opportunities working in different solutions and industries. Most recently, I worked on a Business Performance Improvement project. I believe these experiences will be a strong foundation of deeper understanding in any focused solution and industry.”
  • What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “I really enjoy how different the projects are here at Protiviti. These different opportunities allow you, and sometimes force you, to learn fast. I also enjoy having the opportunity to work in different cities and collaborate with different kinds of colleagues. This brings new and fresh experiences to the project.”
  • Who has contributed to your success or been a mentor to you during your Protiviti career?  “My career mentor and each engagement manager I have worked under in my previous projects have all been a great help to me. They have helped build me in my early years at Protiviti, especially with the process of developing good working habits. I feel the Shenzhen office has built a very open and sharing culture around senior and upper levels. I can always turn to upper management for help and career advice.”
  • What advice would you give to younger consultants on how to progress their careers?: “It isn’t quite advice, but more what I aim to achieve — always enjoy and keep learning.”

“Talent with unlimited potential”

Protiviti Managing Director and Kevin’s Career Advisor Christina had this to say about Kevin…

“I feel lucky that Kevin joined us after his graduation and even prouder to be his career advisor throughout the last 2+ years. During his time here, he has touched on almost all segments in the Internal Audit Financial Advisory solution and now he has achieved his first career milestone to be an excellent senior consultant. This past year Kevin challenged one of the most important and critical projects in Protiviti China and achieved great success together with his team. Kevin stays curious for new solutions and new industries and possesses courage and confidence to keep exploring. I have to say, you never know the “shape” of his skill set because he is such a quick and brave learner that he grows before someone can clearly define him. His firm and tenacious character is precious not only to his own achievement but also to the spirit of our younger generation consultants. It’s an honor to share in Kevin’s joy over his promotion and I am looking forward to accompanying him on his path of greater success!”

Kevin Fun
Outside of work, Kevin enjoys hanging with friends,  playing sports, reading and relaxing. He is pictured above at the Grand Canyon after attending The Consultant Challenge in 2015! 

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  1. Congratulations! 恭喜珂爷从Protiviti baby升职到Protviti Senior Consultant,很幸运能够与你共事!

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