Our CEO, Joe Tarantino, has always been a believer in leading by example.  He understands the high visibility of his position and the amount his actions resonate internally and externally.  One such leadership trait includes the importance of identifying highly talented individuals.  In a recent article by the New York Post, St. John’s University student Razia Khan recounted her story of interviewing on campus with Joe, also an alum of St. John’s. Razia highlighted the “conversational” nature of the interview and Joe’s memory of her at an event two weeks later.  Although it may seem like a unique instance, Joe has been interviewing on campus at St. John’s ever since Protiviti started recruiting there. His involvement is emblematic of our firm’s willingness to help out, no matter the level of the individual.

So while Joe’s schedule involves running a global consulting company, being a father and traveling around the world for clients, he is always willing to spare a little time to take a selfie with an intern, pack meals for the hungry or provide a cameo on Protiviti’s Snapchat.  The extra effort is how Joe sets an example for the firm and one of the many reasons he has been rated one of Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs (2015 and 2016).  We feel lucky to have a CEO that makes our talent a top priority and follows through with action.  Now a Protiviti Consultant, Razia also states in the article, “I’m the only 22-year-old I know who can approach her CEO for anything.”  We can wholly appreciate the sentiment and hope that we can all pass it forward.



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