This past week we have had a lot to celebrate. From International Women’s Day to being named to Fortune magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work for, there has been a lot of excitement in our offices. However, let’s not forget that all of this fell during our annual Employee Appreciation Week. As we start to wind down the week, we wanted to share a few things that our employees #appreciate.



“I appreciate that Protiviti supports us in pursuing passions outside of work and that my coworkers are willing to participate!” – Phoenix Manager, Sara





“I appreciate the strong network that I have built through working at Protiviti and the support we provide each other in working as one team.” – New York Senior Manager, Sean




“I appreciate my Kansas City office colleagues for their willingness to go the extra mile on a regular basis, always pitching in to get the job done.  Thank you for being such a fantastic team to work with and learn from!” – Kansas City Associate Director, Andrea






“I appreciate the opportunities to work with, and learn from, new people on each project.” – Salt Lake City Consultant, Gavin





“I appreciate Protiviti’s commitment to our people, both in the office and out! When I had to take a medical leave I was so happy to receive support from the Houston and Chicago offices – hospital visits, flowers and total support when I returned!” – Dallas Manager, Abby





“I appreciate Protiviti’s focus on providing a work-life blend, which allows me to coach basketball. It also allows me to take trips to Disney and Vermont and to take a sabbatical in China!” – Philadelphia Senior Consultant, Thomas

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