One of the best parts of the Protiviti culture is camaraderie, and the Phoenix office softball team is certainly no exception. They are teammates on and off the field.

For the past 12 years, the Protiviti Phoenix office has honored the tradition of participating in the Accountant’s Softball league. Starting the first week of September, you will feel the buzz and excitement as Senior IT Consultant John White creates the weekly softball game schedule. Each and every Thursday the anticipation builds as the time gets closer to play ball!

When the time finally arrives, the team’s loyal fan base pours into the stands and gets ready to cheer our team onto victory! Not only are there fans in the stands, but each and every player is also a supportive fan of the other. Everyone roots each other on and occasionally pokes a little fun.


After clutching their 4th Softball Championship, Phoenix Managing Director Eric Groen had this to say: “We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year; being named the #1 Place to Work in Arizona, being named one of the “Most Admired” companies in Arizona, and being named a “Best Place to Work” in Phoenix”. He went on to say “… and now we can add one more accomplishment to the list, The CPA Softball Championship!”

For fun, Eric gave a few internal awards to the team. Tanner Hensley won Rookie of the year for this stellar performance on and off the field, Protiviti Alumni Robert Murray or “Big Hit Bob” won Alumni of the year and John White won Coach of the Year, or as we call it, the “We are Family” award.


Congratulations to the Phoenix office softball team and a big thank you to everyone that came out and played, supported, and cheered the team along the way. Now that’s #LivingProtiviti and #GoingPRO all wrapped into one!


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