Chicago Diversity Fair

Last month Protiviti’s Diversity & Inclusion team in the Chicago office hosted its first-ever D&I Employee Network Group Fair. The goal of the fair was to draw awareness to Protiviti’s various internal ENGs (Employee Network Groups).

Through various blog posts in the past we have touched on several of these different Employee Network Groups. For example, our #ProtivitiChampions series spotlighted several leaders and the internal projects that they are passionate about, but what are all of these different groups? Take a look at the information below to learn a little bit more about some of these internal groups.

  • Experienced Hire Network: The Experienced Hire Network’s mission is to help experienced hires successfully transition into Protiviti and provide them with the right resources as they start their next chapter within the firm.
  • iGROWW (The Initiative for the Growth and Retention of Women at Work): iGROWW is an employee network group providing a workplace community for female employees. It is a forum to enhance employees’ success and working environment, achieved through discussions, support and initiatives focused on the recruiting, mentoring, growth and retention of women. It encourages participation from all employees to help provide perspective, encouragement and support in this initiative.
  • Parents Network: The Parents Network is a community for working parents at Protiviti. It empowers working parents to share successes, exchange information, provide support during transitions and tackle challenges together.
  • ProLGBTA (The Protiviti Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance): ProLGBTA is a grassroots effort to create an employee resource group that would provide a workplace community for LGBT employees.
  • Veterans Network: The mission of the Veteran’s Employee Network Group is to have a positive impact on the careers of employees with prior and ongoing military service. Additionally, the Veteran’s ENG seeks to improve Protiviti’s ability to attract and retain employees from this deep and unique talent pool.

Susan, Managing Director leading Diversity & Inclusion at Protiviti, emphasizes, “Our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are designed to attract, develop, and retain the most talented and qualified professionals in the market regardless of race, disability, national origin, religion, veteran status, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other dimension of diversity. Protiviti’s high standards focus on Diversity & Inclusion in order to best serve our clients and provide a rewarding career experience for our people. As a global organization, we need a team of professionals from every market in which we operate each bringing broad experiences, unique perspectives, and diverse backgrounds to bear for our clients”.

As you head back to campus, we want to know what you are are passionate about. Is it a student organization such as Beta Alpha Psi or ALPFA? Maybe it is your fraternity/sorority, a charity with a focused cause or the small startup in your dorm room. Comment below and let us know what groups, causes, or interests are energizing you this year!

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