Making the transition from college to a career can be difficult. Having a full-time job is not like college with a paycheck; you will be facing new responsibilities and new challenges no matter what field you are in.
As the new person in the office, the new Consultants will be busy learning how to do their job and fitting in with the company’s culture. Don’t forget to ask questions about anything you don’t understand! This is the chance to learn all the things your more experienced co-workers may take for granted. Be aware of the world around you; keep up on the news and current events.
The new Consultants have been assigned to their first projects at Protiviti. We wanted to check in with three of our New York Consultants to see how they are doing.
  • Rahul- “My first project was a model validation engagement in Toronto, and lasted for four weeks.  I learned a tremendous amount each day, programs like R, Federal Reserve Regulations, what banks look for from consultants, etc.  It has been hard and interesting work during the days, and lots of fun exploring a new city at night!”
  • Melissa- “My first job I was staffed on was a lender due diligence project in Greenville, SC and I’ll be traveling to different cities for a new LDD project each week.  It is exciting to see new cities and work with new teams. I’m also enjoying the exposure to upper management at the client site and learning about many different types of companies.”
  • Colleen– “My first engagement has been working on a Money Laundering Investigation for one of the U.S. branches of a large foreign bank in order to identify potentially suspicious or unusual activity related to third-party transactions. It has been a great working experience as I have opportunities to not only work directly the project team, but also with our internal Senior Management. I have been also in meetings with the client, so I am getting a lot of client-facing exposure. In addition, I also have had hands on experience in terms of actually performing the analysis of transactional activity and producing preliminary client deliverables.”
Sounds like all are having great experiences! This time can be scary, but it’s also rewarding. From now on, they will make your own choices; from the way they act at work to how they spend their money. This is a very exciting time and Protiviti is excited to be a part of it.

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