Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel down to St. Louis for the first time. Wow. What a cool city! I was able to spend time with the St. Louis office and the 4 interns – Mathias, Fara, Anna, and Claire. We met shortly after 5pm to set out for the city. From there I received a unique tour of the restaurants around the Cardinals stadium as we struggled to find one that wasn’t packed. This was actually exciting as it gave myself and the interns an opportunity to see areas around the park you wouldn’t normally see. We eventually got a call back from one of the restaurants we initially stopped at, Joe Bucks. A table was now open for the 8 of us! Here is where I enjoyed a delicious smoked turkey sandwich on pretzel bread. Yeah… it was good. It was amazing to see the St. Louis culture and what a true baseball town this was. Coming from Minnesota and a huge Twins fan – I was blown away by the love St. Louis had for it’s Cardinals. Very very cool to see. Once we finished up dinner we made our way over to the stadium. Our “tour guides” Nick, Ashley, and Rob were fantastic hosts, and not only shuttled us everywhere, but provided a lot of fun knowledge on the city and the Cardinals. 

On this journey I had a few goals: 1. To meet more people in the St. Louis office. (The ones I am emailing all the time!) Check! 2. To see the St. Louis Interns since I miss them so much from our time in Chicago and Orlando together. Check! And 3… I had to see THE ARCH while in St. Louis. When I think of St. Louis I think – Cardinals, and THE ARCH!! CHECK!!

This shot was actually taken inside of the stadium as we made our decent up to our seats. Yes I was excited I could finally check this cool sighting off my list.

 Once we got in we were able to settle down and enjoy the view. Here is the view from our seats. Not too shabby!

This was the crew during the game. Pictured (left to right): Mathias Gesser, Fara Heumann, Nick Lang, Ashley Silvey, Rob Woltering, Anna Gosen, and Claire Kelly. Not pictured: Joe St. Jacque (yes I was taking the picture.)

In all we had a fantastic time. It was great to meet Nick, Rob, and Ashley while seeing my St. Louis Friends again before their internship ends. It was an amazing opporutnity to spend time out of the office and getting to know everyone better.

Until next time St. Louis!


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