I think I speak for all of the recruiters and everyone at Protiviti when I say that I’m very excited for the next Intern class to start this summer!  We’ve all been working very hard to prepare for our Interns and the energy level is up across all of our offices!  I find it so interesting how we all just lighten up and we all get a little boost of energy when students join us as interns and new hires.  So, for all of you juniors out there who are getting excited for your internships this summer, know that the companies you are joining are as thrilled to have you there.
Here are my personal top 5 reasons of why I love the Protiviti Internship Program:
5. I get to attend our National Intern Challenge at Walt Disney World!  I love having the opportunity to meet all of the interns and of course, reuniting with my fellow lovely recruiters from other offices!

4. I get to work with closely with our interns and help them transition from “school life” to “work life” as they are going through the entire 8-week program.
3. I truly enjoy learning more and more each year from each group of interns that join us.  With each intern class, I’ve learned about different students’ perspectives and what Protiviti does/can do to help the interns to be successful (in the internship, but also in their careers). 

2. I cannot lie…some of the things I genuinely get excited about each year are the yummy breakfast burritos and snacks we get during the Intern Challenge!  🙂

1. I get to see all of the interns learn, grow, and develop on a personal and a professional level and watch them succeed!
Can’t wait until June 13th!

– Tu

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