What does the month of March, the beginning of spring, Hoosiers, Bracketology, Protiviti Managing Directors, and the Irish have to do with winning an iPad and a $500 donation to your favorite charity?

You guessed it! It’s March Madness at Protiviti!

A group of Protiviti’s Managing Directors have put together a National Competition for employees around the annual NCAA March Madness Bracketology. To participate, all you have to do is be an employee, sign up and complete a bracket! First place winner takes the net (pun intended) with an iPad and a $500 donation to their charity of choice. Second place wins an iPad mini. Third place takes an Amazon gift card. Additionally, leaders after each round will win gift cards to our Protiviti store or Starbucks cards.

Left to Right:

Managing Director, Tom (Tom’s personal favorites are Notre Dame and Indiana; however, he is going to go with the West coast school Gonzaga as his #1);

Managing Director, Cory (Unfortunately, Cory’s undergrad alma mater, DePaul, is beyond its glory days in B-Ball, so he is searching for a new team in the Eastern Region of the U.S.);

Managing Director, Jeff (Jeff is currently talking a big game; however, he is not letting us know who will win out on his bracket choices);

Managing Director, Russ (Russ is currently upset his Baylor Bears did not make the big dance and is unsure where he should hang his hat); and

Managing Director, Gordon (Drawing from Gordon’s hometown roots in Connecticut, he is all in for the UConn Huskies)

Do you know anything about basketball?  What would your bracket strategy be?  Many of our employees are completing a bracket for the first time in hopes of victory.  Strategies I have heard so far include picking teams who have the toughest-looking mascot, the weirdest uniform or their favorite colors…  Unfortunately for my colleagues, I must inform them that it is I who will be cutting down the net at the end of this contest, and I look forward to playing Angry Birds on my new iPad in a few weeks.

-Casey Jo

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