Members of the Protiviti Minneapolis Office

At Protiviti, we strive to be known as a best place to work.  This effort leads to success as an organization as well as recognition in the market.  One such story draws attention to our Minneapolis team and the great strides they have made to represent Protiviti in the Twin Cities.  As a result of their efforts over the past several years, the team was recently recognized by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as a Best Place To Work.  (You can read more about it here.)

I was introduced to our Minneapolis office early on in my career at Protiviti.  While I am based in Chicago, my visits and interactions with the team gave me exposure to the great office culture for which they are being recognized.  One of my first career fairs took place at the University of Minnesota (documented from an early version of a camera phone below). 

Recruiters at the Career Fair
While working the booth, I was inundated with stories about off-site teambuilding events, school rivalries within the office, friendly banter and pranks played by coworkers, and most notably, the regular food challenges that took place involving blazing hot wings, giant burritos, and other dazzling feats of consumption.  The office is tight-knit, supportive, and most importantly, they function as a true team.  Congratulations to Protiviti Minneapolis on a well-deserved accolade!

– Bridget

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