Last week, Protiviti hosted a call for campus hires across the country to check in on current news and relevant, real-time updates.  As part of this call, our CEO discussed the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with regards to our client service delivery and our team based in Tokyo. 

His insights, which centered around our team’s ability to respond to clients in the aftermath of the crisis, reminded me of a gesture coordinated here in our Chicago office during that same time.  In the weeks after the disaster, the office created messages of solidarity and collected donations to reinforce and encourage our team in Japan.  One of our managing directors presented the messages to the Tokyo office during a timely visit (see below). 

Left to right: Yasumi Taniguchi (Managing Director), Hyo Kambayashi (Managing Director), Dan O’Keefe (Managing Director), Gyoshu Hiramatsu (Managing Director)
The gesture struck me in that it came about so organically in a corporate environment where many things are often over-planned.  It also highlights a value that I hope all new hires can say about their employer, wherever they choose to go: As a community, we rally around our people to provide support and encouragement during challenging times.  This is no doubt something that our Protiviti new hires will see and contribute to when they join our organization.

– Bridget

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