It’s after 3 o’clock on a Friday afternoon in the (freezing cold) Windy City.  This is about the time that my brain tends to involuntarily shut down from Weekday Mode in favor of the less demanding Weekend Mode.  Before doing so, I just wanted to share another reason why it is an inspiration to be a campus recruiter in the consulting industry.  It is because both consultants and students have a motivation to succeed that is contagious.

Examples of this are everywhere for me.  It is evident when a campus new hire is tasked with researching new ideas for targeting his area of study from his alma mater, then proceeds to create a six-page document detailing his thoughts overnight.  Or when an interviewee responds to one of my staple questions, “Tell me about something that have done that you are proud of,” by saying (as if the answer should be obvious), “I’m proud of everything I do.”

So as Weekend Mode kicks in for all of us, it’s nice to leave the work week on that high note.

– Bridget

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