I am in Ireland right now, where the topic on everyone’s minds these days is volcanic ash. This is because flights in this country and other countries around Europe have been grounded for days due to a cloud of ash from a volcano in Iceland. The ash has stranded millions of travelers and reminded this Protiviti recruiter about the importance of being adaptable.

As consultants, our professionals help clients solve various problems within the business environment. Consulting requires patience, creativity, and the ability to think on your feet. In a profession such as consulting, it is critical to be prepared for the unexpected – a change in the deliverables of a project, a delay or acceleration of a deadline, or conflicting opinions on the best approach to the task are all daily challenges for our team.

As you consider your ideal career path, think about this important part of the job. Do you thrive on change? Are you able to roll with the punches? If so, you are well on your way to a successful career as a consultant! The next step is sharing experiences with employers that highlight this quality – the ways that you have already demonstrated your cool under pressure, be it a difficult class project, a previous internship, or an altered travel itinerary as a result of Icelandic volcanic activity.

– Bridget

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