If you look at our socials, our website, or even LinkedIn postings from our people, you’ll notice a theme of belonging. At Protiviti, we believe in the power of diversity – thoughts, experiences, ideas, people… And we believe that no matter your background, you belong here.

The unique path each and every person has walked helps us deliver on our promises and provide meaningful solutions to our clients in a world of endless possibilities. We encourage our employees to bring their authentic selves to work — and that’s what today’s blog is all about.

Tiv Talks: Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work

Each Spring and Fall season, our Protiviti Graduate Recruiting team hosts a series of webinars, known as Tiv Talks. These short video chats are a great way to learn about different facets of our company through open conversations with our people. Throughout the season, we cover many topics about what it is to Live Something Different at Protiviti, and today, we’re sharing one specifically about Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work.

In this talk, three people across our business sit down with recruiter Champaigne, to discuss what authenticity means to them and how they get to practice it each day at work.

“To me, being my authentic self is living with vulnerability – celebrating the high highs, talking through the low lows, living openly, celebrating the success of others, and admitting honestly when I need help,” Dillon, an IAFA manager, shares.

Senior Consultant, Amber, talks about the idea of being comfortable enough to feel uncomfortable, and Associate Director Natasha discusses mindfulness and how that contributes to authenticity.

Watch for all of these topics and more in this bite-sized discussion that can teach you so much about Protiviti’s culture and our powerful workforce.

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#MyProtivitiStory: We believe the best way to understand the core of who we are as an organization is through our people. These short videos are a reflection of our people’s stories and experiences.

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