Ever since the very first Earth Day celebration in 1970, over 1 billion individuals have mobilized for the betterment and future of our planet. Whether taking personal responsibility for changing individuals’ daily lives or holding sectors accountable for their role in saving the planet, conservation calls for bold, creative, and innovative solutions. We know that change comes in many forms and at all levels, and Protiviti is proud to be a part of making the world a better place.

At Protiviti, we recognize that delivering on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) as one of our highest priorities. From our long-standing focus on our people and communities, to our commitments to the environment, we are dedicated to making positive change.

What does this mean in action? We continue to fortify our efforts to quantify, disclose, and reduce our environmental footprint. In 2022, we submitted Protiviti’s targets to Science Based Targets – an organization that drives ambitious corporate climate action. Through a joint effort with our parent company, Robert Half, we disclose the energy use and emissions in our ESG Report and to CDP Climate Change each year.

Sustainability with Steve

Ahead of this year’s upcoming Earth Day, officially on Saturday, April 22, 2023, we’re talking with Managing Director and sustainability supporter Steve about his involvement with Protiviti’s ESG program, his passion for conservation, and how this mission impacts our business and changes the world.

About seven years ago, Steve recognized that ESG and sustainability would be an emerging risk. “I was anticipating that in the future, clients and companies, including Protiviti, would probably have to face this issue, so that’s when I got into sustainability and started working on it,” Steve shares. Coming from an internal audit background, he’s pretty good at foresight, and he was right!

Besides having a knack for tackling risk, Steve is committed to sustainability, even in his home life. He sits on the Corporate Council for the Missouri Botanical Gardens, helping businesses to connect with the gardens, support many environmental and social causes, and make changes in the way they work to promote sustainability. He believes in making change through action, so he was the perfect person to help develop our ESG program at Protiviti.

Seven years ago, there were no clients or revenue streams related specifically to sustainability at the time, so Steve started educating people about the topic, instilling the confidence that when those questions did pop up, we would have an answer. Naturally, clients did begin asking about sustainability initiatives, and now, we have many projects dedicated to helping corporations work more responsibly.

Today, Protiviti has ESG services that have helped businesses establish their sustainability programs, calculate their carbon emissions, manage goals and targets, and even helped companies reduce food waste, just to name a few examples.

We don’t just help our clients be more sustainable – we focus on it in-house, too! For example, within Steve’s office, they’re changing all the lighting to reduce the amount of energy usage. The ripple effects of these commitments compound to make massive strides in our communities for a more sustainable world.

Internally, lots of offices also do Earth Day projects and events to help clean up their communities. Steve shared that his local office in St. Louis is headed to a children’s learning center to help clean up their garden. Other offices across the country are hosting Earth Month challenges, trivia nights, and more. You can also take a look at our Intern Week of Service story to see the ways our people give back year-round, from recycling to park cleanups and more. Our commitment to our communities runs deep!

We can all make changes in our day-to-day routines to help save the planet and protect our environments. But Steve reminds us all that we can also push for changes in our communities and organization: “Focus on yourself as an individual, and also look at the companies you work for to reflect those values, too. If you, as an individual, can make larger organizations take on sustainability initiatives as well, think about the multiplication of the impact you’re having. That’s where you can make a huge difference.”

For a more sustainable world, Happy Earth Day from Protiviti to you!

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