This weekend, brunches will be had, flowers will be given, and Mothers across the globe will be celebrated and appreciated for all they do for us, and Protiviti wants to take a moment to be a small part of that moment of appreciation to many of our favorite moms, bonus moms and mother figures!

It’s important to us to celebrate our parents, not just today, but year-round. In fact, we have a whole Employee Network Group dedicated to being a parent at Protiviti.

Protiviti’s Parents’ Network offers an abundance of resources that provides opportunities for parents to seek additional help where needed. These resources include but are not limited to, childcare services, educational resources such has discounted tutoring and test prep, and emotional well-being services such as counseling, coaching for professional growth and self-care programs. Our Parents’ Network helped advocate and create Protiviti’s current parental leave policy of 10 weeks paid!

In fact, last year, Protiviti was named for a second time to the “Best Workplaces for Parents” list – a badge we wear with honor!

Hear from Our Moms

To mark Mother’s Day, we asked some of our Protiviti mamas what parenthood means to them.

Manager | Chicago 
Parenthood means providing unconditional love to my children, and in return seeing them smile and flourish!
Manager | Houston 
Parenthood is about giving my children everything I didn’t have plus what I did have!
Senior Director | San Francisco 
Being a mom is an incredible gift and it’s exhausting! 
People & Culture Senior Business Partner | Orlando 
Parenthood is a world of emotions, which brings challenges and unbelievable rewards. 
Senior Consultant | Philadelphia 
Parenthood is about unconditional love. Being a mother is also motivation for me to set a positive example for my child. 
DEI Manager | Austin 
Parenthood is a hearts-full and hands-full kind of love.

While this weekend will be a moment of celebration for mothers, at Protiviti we also recognize there can be many emotions around this holiday and want to recognize those who are experiencing a variety of feelings. We stand with you and want you to feel valued as you process loss, want, longing, and more.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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