Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, and to celebrate, people from across the business are sharing what they LOVE about working at Protiviti.

What I love about working at Protiviti? Hands down, the people. Everyone here is so willing to lend a helping hand, no matter what level they are, from Consultant to Managing Director. The people I have encountered have a genuine interest, not only in my career, but in my well-being as a person! – Tanya, Consultant

I love working at Protiviti because of the mix of clients and engagements I’ve encountered. I enjoy the variety across projects and feeling that my ideas are valued and considered when brainstorming within a team. The culture is truly one of teamwork and helping our clients reach their goals — and beyond! – Shameka, Manager

What I love most about Protiviti is the people.  As soon as I joined the firm, I felt the warmth and kindness that everyone has for each other.  I was able to get connected right away with various committees, which enhanced my involvement and relationships within the firm. – Will, Consultant

Protiviti provides a nice place for me to grow my personal and professional development. I am able to be comfortable being who I am. I am surrounded by people who are always supportive and inclusive, from my engagement team to my recent Protiviti iNN Innovation Site. I am lucky to be someone who has had such an enjoyable experience at Protiviti. – Sarah, Sr. Consultant

What I love most about Protiviti is the PEOPLE.  We have so many ways to get involved in the creation of an amazing company culture through our employee networking groups, including my favorite: our Experienced Hire Network, which helps new experienced hires integrate into the Protiviti culture.  – Cassie, Associate Director

I love working at Protiviti because leadership is approachable and listens to what everyone has to say, regardless of their background or title. – Merlin, Sr. Consultant

I love working at Protiviti because of the people. We elevate, advocate, and encourage. I wanted to join an organization that I believed in — one that would challenge and stretch me, one that would allow me to utilize my key skillsets and explore my interests. I have found all of that and more with Protiviti! – Abby, Consultant

What I love most about Protiviti is “the team” — which could literally describe any grouping of people within the firm at a point in time. When we combine our inspirations and energy and skills to achieve something difficult together, we realize that in the process of doing so we have become champions for one another, even friends on a personal level. It is that blend of appreciating someone for what they bring and how they impact work and life that makes Protiviti so special. – Bridget, Sr. Manager

Whatever you love about YOUR company, we hope you take time to celebrate it, today and every day!

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