We’re thrilled to announce that Protiviti CEO, Joe Tarantino, has been named one of Glass​door’s​ 2021 Top CEOs! We are so proud of you, Joe!

The Glassdoor list calls out the most highly approved leaders from the popular job seekers’ website.This award is the result of feedback provided by Protiviti employees whose reviews helped Joe earn his current 95 percent approval rating on the website and ranked him at #34 out of 100 on the 2021 Employees’ Choice Awards Top CEOs, U.S. Large Companies list.

How Glassdoor Selects the Top CEOs​

Throughout the year, employees anonymously submit company reviews to Glassdoor. When submitting a Glassdoor review, employees are asked to rate a variety of workplace factors, including whether they approve, disapprove, or are neutral about the job their CEO is doing. Every year (except 2020 because of the pandemic), Glassdoor publishes a list of the highest-ranking CEOs, based on this employee rating and other key factors.


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