This Mother’s Day read inspiring stories from our people about the women in their lives who inspired them. Want to hear from Protiviti moms? Check out this blog here.

​Amber Consultant, Kansas City 

Amber (right), her mom (left center), and her siblings

“My grandma and mom fled from Vietnam in the 70’s. so that they could have a better life in America. My mom inspires me because she works so hard at a job that isn’t the most glamourous and an occupation most look down on, (nail technician) just to provide for our family and to give us the opportunities she never had.”

Julie Senior Consultant​​, Chicago 

“My mom has inspired me to always help others by demonstrating her selflessness. In 2019 my mom donated a kidney to a family friend who was struggling through dialysis. The transplant was successful, but it was a difficult surgery and recovery for both of them. I’ve looked up to my mom my entire life, but that experience has made me exceptionally proud of her! “

Graham Manager, Chicago 

Graham (left) & his family

“From starting her career as a Certified Public Accountant, to becoming a full-time mom of four kids and part-time aerobics instructor. From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, to becoming a certified yoga instructor. From volunteering at local elementary schools, to ensuring her kids never missed a swim meet, soccer game, or tennis match. To my family, my mom is a doctor, therapist, life coach, and best friend. I can’t thank my mom enough for having all the answers, living her life to the fullest, and encouraging her friends and family to do the same along the way. “

Cara Manager, Houston

“Ever since I can remember, my mother has always been my biggest hero. She supported me regardless of my mistakes, by consistently pointing me in the direction of my goals, gifts, and talents. As a professor of African American Studies, she has always instilled a strong sense of self-identity in who I am, despite living in an environment where people like me were not the majority. As an African American female, my mother’s positive example and affirmations throughout my entire my life have shaped my confidence and passion for sharing my culture and history with others.​ Her knowledge and perspective is something that I continue to leverage, throughout my BEING leadership and I am extremely grateful to have her as a mom!”

James Senior Manager, Houston 

“How has my mom inspired me? Let me count the ways. She was in the second class of women at the University of Notre Dame when that was very unpopular with the old guard. My mom used to drive me to 6:00 a.m. hockey practice. She is selfless, encouraging, strong, well-read, and has a heart for serving others. She’s a breast-cancer-surviving, rock-and-rolling, college-football-loving force for good. And I’m so lucky to be her son. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!”

Eva Senior Manager, Amsterdam 

“I couldn’t be prouder of my mom. As a full-time working parent she raised, together with my dad, four children. While still finding the time to set up a foundation for enabling safe childbirth for women (often with illegal status) with no health insurance. She is my example of a power-woman; making her own choices, does what she loves, make the most of everything. Looking for a new challenge she moved to a different island where she worked closely with the local community. Fell in love with this new home and ended up writing a beautiful book on hiking. “

Tim Senior Manager, Chicago 

“My parents were divorced when I was three, so my brother and I were the original latchkey kids. My mom was always organized for the week with pre-planned meals and delegating duties while keeping it fun. She worked hard every day – commuting downtown and making sure our house was always a home. I really respect and admire her for that – more than she will ever know.” 

Maggie Associate Director, Hong Kong 

“My mum passed away not long after I had graduated, and I’ve always regretted not being able to give back to my mum since I’ve started my career. She’s worked hard all her life and prioritized her family above all else where she spends all her spare time with them. Her resilience, dedication, and her love for her family will continue to inspire me.”

Jessamyn Director, Phoenix 

“When I was younger, my mom opened an in-home daycare to spend more time at home. She did it all – attended every event, baked cookies, and was never more than a phone call away. Just the best! Her impact on the lives of her daycare kids was lasting too. Many still thank her for unending love. When I had kids, my mom quit her job to be a daycare provider again for her grandkids. She said it was her calling and it was the most incredible gift. I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today without my mom! “

Ashley Senior Director, San Francisco 

“My Mom is a rock star. The mom who took off work to attend every school assembly or event, no matter how minor – that’s my mom. More recently the mom who packed, moved, and unpacked my whole house this year…twice! That’s my mom. Can’t pick up the kids from school? Need groceries? Call mom! Praise all moms that ensure we eat no matter how crazy things become. “

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